December 17, 2009

The spiritual relationship between husband and wife

Even though a man and a woman may have developed a harmonious relationship during their lives on earth, it may not always mean that they can easily be together in the spirit world. I shall try to explain about this difficulty in general terms.

The main reason for this problem is the reality of the spiritual fall. The spiritual fall must be overcome in different ways. One result of the spiritual fall was that it led to a physical fall, meaning a sexual and love relationship between a man and a woman who were not centered on God, who were not at all meant to have married each other or who had not yet grown to a level of individual maturity to have such a relationship in a God-centered way. Another result of the fall in general was that people fell out from the original blood lineage under God, and that people came to adopt Satan as their father, partly or wholly.

Even when you are sure that your relationship as husband and wife were meant to be so by God, and you accepted God as your parents, and you fulfilled all the conditions required to have a loving relationship as husband and wife, that still doesn't automatically mean that when you come in spirit world, you will be able to live together as husband and wife.

The main reason for this is that the spiritual world has always been controlled mainly by fallen angels. These are the same fallen angels who brought man to fall, who brought to mankind false ideologies, and who put themselves spiritually in-between God and man. Because of this reality, people always have had difficulty to mature spiritually.

A man and a woman may be adults physically, but in order for them to have a gratifying and fruitful spiritual love relationship, they both must have matured spiritually to a degree that they can cope with all possible difficulties such as spiritual attacks and invasions by evil angels and spirits.

To understand what this may mean think in the following way: Suppose that you are alone in a place and you cannot physically contact your spouse. Are you capable then of making some kind of close spiritual connection to your spouse? If you are able to do this, it will be because of love, but it will also be because of both having the ability to overcome certain spiritual barriers that might be put in-between you. Only when you are able to do this and keep this standard in the physical world, you will also be able to do it in spirit world.

Fundamentally, of course, love for God comes first. Love for God makes the basis for love between husband and wife. And the love for God must have grown to a level of individual maturity for each of the partners in order to overcome the many possible spiritual types of invasion that can cause a separation between two spouses.

What is needed, centered on God, is a certain level of spiritual maturity of both husband and wife. Spiritual maturity is not identical to knowledge of God's principles. It is also not always the same as having strong love for each other, because sometimes love is too much physical or too much in being dependent on each other. It is important to understand God's principles and it is necessary to have strong love for God and for each other, but it is also important to be able to deal with the countless of types of spiritual difficulties that are caused by fallen angels and that may split two loving people apart in certain difficult situations.

Spiritual maturity is maturity of the spirit. Even though a child may be pure, it is still a child and can therefore not cope with spiritual attacks brought forth by adult and clever evil spirits and angels. Therefore children need the protection and guidance of their parents and their friends or people in archangel's position, living in a good family in a close and loving relationship.

Original spiritual maturity is always reached in a loving relationship to God. Some people have advanced spiritual abilities but they got it by learning from evil angels. Some of these people in spirit world even manage to have a close relationship to a spouse. That is of course not what we should be aiming for. Love for God comes first.

The main sign of matured spirituality is good intuition and the ability to keep it under all circumstances. Not everyone who matures spiritually needs to be able to see or hear spirits. Most important is to have spiritual intuition for what is good and evil, so that one can always stay on the path of true love centering on God.


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