January 6, 2010

Some principles concerning restoration of blood lines

When man was created, already the angels existed. We know the fall of man to be one of an invasion by angels. Man came under the influence of fallen angels and man's situation, man's heart, mind and body were affected by their fall.

A main result of the fall of man is what we call original sin. 'Original sin' is a concept that describes the first sin of man and it also refers to the first invasion by angels into man's existence. We can give names to later invasions by fallen angels, such as ancestral sins (referring to the sins of our ancestors), collective sin (referring to sins of groups of people), and personal sins (the sins a person committed in his or her own life).

Sin is making union with fallen angels or fallen people who are not centered on God. Sin can express through unprincipled desires, thoughts, feelings, actions.

Note that there are two typical sins. The first is sin committed with fallen angels, which is called the spiritual fall. The second is sin done through union with fallen people, which is called the physical fall.

The origin of sin is in the domination of man by evil angels. When we look at a human being and a family as a kind of house, the original sin was the first invasion of that house by an evil angel. That evil angel planted unprincipled elements into that house in the form of bad love, unwanted energies, wrong desires and false thoughts, tendencies for selfish actions.

When a family called Adam's family, consisting of a fallen Adam and fallen Eve, a fallen father and mother, has fallen, restoration is needed. The result of man's fall is visible in the children. The children are born in the invaded and corrupted house and grow up under the influence of the evil that fallen angels brought into that house.

What follows in that fallen house is a battle between God and Satan, Satan meaning evil angels and spirits. Note that this is firstly a spiritual battle. God is not visible in physical form. Evil angels and spirits live in spirit world.

In that house of fallen man, God and Satan both try to get more influence. When children are born and grow up, some of them will come more under the influence of Satan, others more under the influence of God, and a remaining category of children will be standing in the middle, very much like Adam and Eve after their fall.

Those children and descendants, bloodlines, that are under influence of God will inherit more internal qualities, such as love for God, good spiritual abilities. Those that are under influence from Satan develop more external qualities, such as intellect and authority. Those that are representing the original but now fallen and mixed bloodline will be quite divided, having both internal and external qualities, but also having good and evil tendencies contradicting and battling in them more extremely.

In the course of restoration, God will attempt to restore the lineage through these three lines developing. In God's eyes, each of these three bloodlines has a special mission. We know them as the missions of Cain to separate from the influence of evil angels and to protect the younger brother, the mission of Abel to represent God and pass on God's love and truth, and the mission of the mixed parental line to unite with Abel and to also help Cain to unite with Abel.

What will be needed for a full restoration of the original bloodline? What is needed is that the three bloodlines come together again, that all the qualities present in these three lines are being united once again, but now centered on God and on goodness.

How can original sin be eradicated? This is the same as asking how the original evil influence of the fallen angel who invaded the good human bloodline can be eradicated. The results of the original sin are in the form of the other categories of sin (ancestral, collective, personal) and also in the form of fallen natures that developed as a result of those sins.

Original sin was and is the making unity in love with and in affection for evil angels. To eradicate original sin, one must overcome the evil influences from the spiritual world.

Original sin is the root of all other sins and also the root of all fallen nature that developed in fallen man. Can it be eradicated without getting rid of the bad results in the form of sins and fallen nature that rooted in original sin? No, this is not possible.

When a person's original sin would be conditionally taken away, for example by a rebirth or adoption into a pure lineage, but the other sins and fallen natures would not be eradicated, then almost immediately fallen angels will be able to bring such a person to sin again, more or less re-creating a renewed form of original sin.

Then, in a next stage, a renewed physical fall could take place. From there on, restoration needs to take place again centered on three bloodlines, with a Cain person or line and an Abel person or line always being central and a third person or line having the task to mediate between Cain and Abel in a God-centered way.

The main positions taken in a family of restoration are those of Cain and Abel, and thirdly, Adam and Eve and the other children like them. The same principle applies for restoration beyond the level of a family, that is restoration of bloodlines that formed clans and tribes.

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