January 12, 2010

Some difficult questions related to witnessing

"What are you doing to save the world, to help the suffering people, to solve the problems of history?"

"I go out and tell the people to join our movement."

"Yes, but what are you doing for the suffering people, to make this world a better world right now?"

"I ask the people to come to us and help us."

"To help you to do what?"

"To also go out and ask more people to join our movement."

"Is that all you are doing?"

"When everyone joins our movement, then all the problems are going to be solved. We have the greatest plans and strategy to save humankind."

"So your goal is that everyone joins your movement. What are you going to do when you succeeded? And how long is it going to take you before everyone joined?"

"Hmm, never thought of that. I don't know. But once everyone joined, I imagine the entire world has become heaven."

"Are you sure?"

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