January 17, 2010

Five reasons why we need to understand the spiritual world

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Is the spiritual world the realm of creepy haunting ghosts and weird experiments with spiritualism? Is it the magic practiced by shamans and druids in primitive tribes or strange New-Age groups? No, the spiritual world is an integral part of our daily lives, but it needs training and development to realize this. Here I'll give five reasons why we need to understand the spiritual world.

1. The spiritual world is the origin of creations

All life on earth has begun in the spiritual world. The spiritual world existed before we came into being. It even existed before the Earth was made. All creations of God begin with the less dense reality of the spiritual and are eventually expressed into the realm of the physical, in some way or another. Angels existed before we did and they served God, helping to make our physical world of humans and animals and plants.

2. The spiritual world and the physical world form a duality that makes up the entire cosmos

The spiritual world and the physical world can be understood as forming a duality very similar in nature as that of mind-body, male-female, yang-yin. The spiritual world is in the position of internal and the physical world in the position of external. The physical world as it is cannot exist without the spiritual world. The spiritual world cannot develop without the physical world.

Also our own bodies are a duality of spiritual and physical. We have not only a physical body, but also a spirit body. When the physical body dies, the spirit lives on in the spiritual world. While religious life can be understood as the craving and learning to connect with God the Creator, spiritual life is life of the spirit. Spiritual life is becoming aware of our spiritual reality and existence and to learn to live a gratifying spiritual life.

3. All our ancestors live in the spiritual world

Imagine that you formed a family and you got children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren. One day you move into the spirit world. Would you not be very much desiring to see how your descendants are doing? Your love for your children and grandchildren and all generations coming out from them will move you to stay with them, help them, guide them from the spiritual world.

But now you try to do this and some of your descendants don't even notice you are there. How frustrating this is! But how fulfilling when you manage to dwell in the house of descendants who love and respect you, want to learn from you and who invite you to be with them whenever you come.

The love between ancestors and descendants is a powerful force that unites the spiritual and the physical worlds. It is not firstly about hidden knowledge, it simply is about the loving communion between parents and children expanding over the generations.

4. The truth and facts of history are all kept in the spiritual world

While some people receive truth and revelations of truth directly from God, many others learn about God's Principles from angels and ancestors who dwell in the spiritual world. Here are kept the largest libraries of the world, all the knowledge that people on earth ever acquired, and also all the knowledge that angels have not yet managed to reveal to people in the physical world.

Of course, not everything that comes from the spiritual world must be seen as truth. There also are deceptive angels who act like snipers and who may confuse us about what is true. But there is no knowledge that we can acquire that has not developed first in the spiritual world. Even modern technology such as computers have existed in the spiritual world since long.

Moreover, all the facts of history are kept in the spiritual world. These facts are held in the memories of angels and spirits who actually have lived through that history. But also, all facts that ever took place since the beginning of time are kept in the form of energy patterns, energy imprints that can be studied by those who learned to do this.

5. We are born in the physical world but our eternal future is in the spiritual world

After we are conceived, we live for 40 weeks in the womb of the mother. During that period of time the spirit and the physical body of the fetus are not yet connected because they each are still in a stage of being formed and created in a protective environment. At birth, the spirit and physical body unite and live a life of being united during the entire existence in the physical world. Finally, at the end of our lives, we enter a third stage. The physical body dies and the spirit ascends into the spiritual world. Here we live an eternal life where development never ends.

The physical-life stage is a preparation for our eternal future in the spiritual realms. During our physical life we must reach a level that our spirits have developed enough to make a good start in the spiritual realms. We need to have learned about the spiritual reality, have developed our spiritual awareness and senses so that once we arrived in the spiritual world we shall be able to independently move and to establish our home in the spiritual world and to visit our descendants on earth to help them in their course.

Finally, is knowledge about the spiritual world automatically leading us to understand more about God? Although ideally it should be that way, in reality there are people who develop spiritual abilities not under the control of God but under the dominion of evil spirits and angels. This is of course not what we should do. Therefore, there is no good spiritual development without living a life of prayer to God and of love for God.


  1. Is it possible that computers and technologies
    as we know it today were thinkingly made up, right on their ways being created in spiritual world, by evil angels and being who manipulated the original energy, the true love energy, the codes it is made of, as a willing weapon to achieve mass destruction of humankind, revealing that the acknowledged fast addiction comes because, unlike true love energy which nourrishes and reinforces, technology energy empties and annihilates, depriving one of his free-will and of his ability to keep his true
    identity ?

  2. ML, the spiritual world, especially angels, have a rather direct connection to the physical world through codes. This is because codes require a minimum amount of energy to be changed and these minimal changes in the codes result in major changes. For example, in a computer, a newly written program can result in worldwide influences on society. The same is true for our DNA, which also basically are codes and they can rather easily be influenced from the spiritual world.

    Fallen angels have made misuse of this and have worked to change and corrupt some of our DNA and also to work through computers to entice people in many ways. When people are not conscious of this, their mind begins to work more like a computer, like a robot, and they become more unaware of God's love as expressed directly to them and also through other people and through nature.

  3. Thank you for more precisions.

  4. Thank you John for your insight. As must as I have hope that we can have an uplifting relationship with spirit world, I don't think computers are the way to go -

  5. Hey John. Very interesting blog. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on how our relationship with God and the spirit world has a direct effect on physical and mental health of body and mind and how that in-turn might extend to the general health of a community...

  6. Thanks for that question, Mark_Kaz's Home Remedies!

    Although it is clear that the spiritual health affects that of our physical mind and body, the relationship is not so simple.

    To have a good relationship with God is most essential for our health overall. God is good and God's principles give us good direction for life. Knowing these principles is not enough. We need a direct relationship with the Creator so we can be guided in how to conduct our daily lives. Then there is still a time period to be considered of living a healthy life. It is my personal experience with God's guidance that the Creator wants us to live a natural life in harmony with nature. Each of us has the potential to overcome disease and illness, but we must obey the laws of nature and understand our bodies to be organisms embedded in the much larger organism of all of nature, the earth and the cosmos.

    The effect of spirit world on our health can be very diverse. Sometimes we can get help from good spirits but some illnesses are caused by evil spirits. Although all physical illnesses have a relationship to the spiritual reality, most problems cannot be solved by spiritual work alone.

    It is essential for contact to the spiritual reality to have a guiding rod, which only is in a good relationship to God.

    Your question would require a thick book to answer it in a satisfying manner, so i have to leave it with this.

    I recommend your website to my readers. It gives a lot of good advice to treat various ailments with natural home remedies.