January 15, 2010

The spiritual aspects of God's creations are eternal gifts of love, truth and energy

God created the universe and all beings and things. God created this from love. We also say that all beings and things originally are bodies of God's truth, expressing the fact that there is design and principle in all that God created. We know that all that exists is basically energy, therefore it is also correct to state that all beings and things are expressions of God's energy.

All beings and things were made from God's love, God's word and energy. Love represents the level of the heart, God's word comes from God's mind and energy can be seen as the basis of all that exists on the plane of bodies.

When we look at a flower, a tree, a plant or an animal, people, what do we see? We see a body that contains God's love, God's truth and God's energy.

There is a great diversity in all of creation. There are so many animals, plants and things that were all created by God. Why are there so many different creations of God? It can only be because God wants His love, truth and energy to reach each and everyone of God's living creations. Each flower, plant or animal or thing of nature was created by God to show us and give us God's love in a very unique way.

All that exists and that was not contaminated by evil gives to us expressions of God's love, principle and energy. We can find God, come to know God more deeply when we realize this and let God's love enter our hearts as God's love is expressed in the diverse creations.

In the Native American tradition there is a concept 'medicine.' Many things can be medicine. Of course, healing plants are medicine, but also certain things are considered to have the power of medicine. We seek healing for our wounded hearts in a world that has injured many of the living souls and killed others. The healing is in the love, truth and energy of God as given to us through God's creation, God's children who express God's love, the animals and plants and the things in the world of minerals. All this is medicine.

Look at a simple flower. That flower takes in the rays of the sun and the moon and the stars. The flower was made as a recipient of the energies that are made in the cosmos. Also we, human beings, receive those energies, but that particular flower, plant or tree, it was made to receive very special aspects of love, truth and energy. That flower is a specialized recipient that serves us by taking in and then sharing the love, truth and energy that we could not so easily receive directly.

This is how God created everything in a beautiful relationship of everyone and everything needing each other. This is not just a physical reality. Each living being or thing also has a kind of spiritual reality. While the physical existence is temporary for all beings and things, the spiritual reality is lasting. It means that while physically we may lose much of what was ours, spiritually we can keep that what we inherited and built up.

The spiritual reality of God's love, truth and energy is like a promise of God that what God has given us will be ours into all eternity. We can only understand God when we inherit this eternal or spiritual aspect of God's gifts to us.

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