September 27, 2009

Dealing with the spiritual fall in our daily lives

The fall of man is not a pleasant topic to deal with, neither when we are confronted with people to whom it happened, nor when we try to understand more about it. It's a bit like it goes with cancer. If you or someone near to you has it, you would rather ignore it altogether, but you also know that you have to take charge of it or you will be dead one day.

I know of people who take the position that because the spiritual fall transpired between Eve and the first archangel in spirit world, Lucifer, therefore it could not happen to them. They imagine that Eve had some kind of magical meeting with Lucifer and she let herself be tempted by him, but because these same people are not aware of having met Lucifer, they think that the spiritual fall would never occur to them.

I do believe that the spiritual fall between Lucifer and Eve took place, but at the same time we should be aware of the fact that Lucifer is not the only angel who has fallen. The term 'Satan' does apply to the identity Lucifer in particular, and to all other angels and even human spirits who came under Lucifer and who are promulgating sins.

As long as people exist who haven't entirely restored themselves, there will be 'evil' spirits in the spiritual world. How many people are dying each day without having found the heart of God? All these people add up to the legion of fallen spirits who still are under the dominion of Satan, to a larger or lesser degree.

Each of these spirits, and also all the angels who haven't been restored yet, could tempt us into the spiritual fall.

So what is the spiritual fall?

Do we need to see the fallen angel who is tempting us in order for the spiritual fall to take place? From the spiritual attacks that I have undergone myself and from the many people whom I have seen fallen spiritually, I know that most of the time it is not determining to see the evil spirit. What is essential is that certain feelings of false love and certain wrong thoughts and feelings can come to us from the spiritual world. To be attacked by such desires, feelings and thoughts is not yet spiritual fall, but it is a difficult reality that we all need to deal with, many times in our lives.

The spiritual fall can happen to men and women alike. It is not the 'prerogative' of Eve. Also men are subjected to these kind of attacks from the spiritual world.

The beginning of each spiritual fall is when our thoughts and feelings begin to change because of the environment in that we are. Have you noticed how your ideas can change after you saw a movie or read a book? Here could be the beginning of spiritual fall. Certain evil spirits could come closer to you because of what you did and whom you met and where you went, and these spirits could attempt to change your thoughts and feelings about God.

Now all this is not yet complete spiritual fall. It rather is the prelude to it, and we need to recognize it as such in order to prevent that we become victims of further attacks from the spiritual world.
I have met men and women who came under the spiritual fall. Actually, they commonly said that they had had a very special love experience with 'God.' But when they said this there was a strange feeling about them. And soon enough, the results of what had happened became clear. They began to complain about their lives and mission, they developed feelings against God and could not anymore overcome their jealousy in many situations in which they had taken a heavenly viewpoint before.

The only way to prevent the spiritual fall to happen to us is when we are always connected to God through prayer and by going our course as wanted by God. Even this does not give us complete protection, because we could stll be attacked in situations of restoration. Yet through our love for God we can hold on to the Creator in such difficult and challenging situations.

The spiritual fall begins with feelings and thoughts that aren't centered on God. The completion of the spiritual fall is a full union of love between an evil spirit or angel and another spirit, either in spirit world or living in a physical body. The completion of the spiritual fall is extremely destructive. We better cut off the head of the snake when he is still small, because once we let him come nearer he grows and grows and could overpower us.


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