September 30, 2009

Realms in spirit world

A spiritual realm is a place or a set of places in the spiritual world that is occupied by spirits who have reached a similar spiritual level and who are bound by common beliefs, traditions and sometimes abilities. This is a definition based on observations I have made in the spiritual world.

It is often thought that the spiritual world looks like a kind of building with floors on top of one another. The cellar of that building would be like hell and coming higher in the building it begins to look more and more like heaven. At the top floor in such a model are residing those of the highest level and with the deepest love and they are controlling the entire building.

Of course, nowhere in the spiritual world can be found a building like that. Just like it is true in the physical world, the spiritual world is divided in many places and each of these spaces are controlled by different angels and/or human spirits.

The image of a several-storey building is of course only used as an analogy, to illustrate significant points about the reality of the spiritual world. This image is not a literal depiction of the spiritual reality.

Most cultures and religions have their own view on the spiritual reality. They commonly have their own names for their 'heaven', their 'hell' and often there also is a kind of purgatory or waiting room. When you look in the spiritual world, all these realms can be found. They all exist. Even the spiritual realms that were believed to exist by oldest cultures can usually still be found in the spiritual world.

When a specific culture lives within certain boundaries of communities and sometimes also physical borders, the people of that culture will often share a common belief and traditions. They share the same spiritual reality. Within that spiritual reality of that particular culture or religion, there are those who reached a higher level and there also those who made offenses against what that culture or religion perceives as being right. The latter category will be destined for the spiritual hell that belongs with that culture or religious practice.

When a person has a strong belief in his or her own religion and restricts human relationships with those in the community, that person has set up his or her own restrictions for whom are loved and whom are being met. That situation already may exist in the physical world and will then continue in the spiritual world. We are setting up our own limitations by whom we love, what we believe and where we are going in the spiritual world.

In the spiritual world there comes into existence a realm that goes with a certain subgroup or level of that particular culture or religion. Sometimes the borders of such a realm are reinforced by angels or human spirits to form real frontiers that cannot be passed easily anymore by most of the spirits who are residing within these boundaries.

But it is also true that people who have reached a higher level of unselfish love, and who therefore also are able to love people of many cultures and backgrounds, can more easily move through different realms in the spiritual world. Some of them can even visit the darkest places because of their love for the spirits living there. Such higher spirits have come to live in a kind of heaven that they themselves are making through their love for God and for other people. These higher spirits make their own heaven wherever they come.

The spiritual realms that are formed by the beliefs and traditions of particular cultures and religions can be found on many different places. Some of these realms may be connected to places in the physical world, for example to churches or shrines or holy places. Others of these realms may have been built in places in spirit world that are not situated in the spiritual world that is directly connected to the earth, but instead are located somewhere else in the cosmos.

Because peoples of different backgrounds have formed such spiritual realms throughout history, the spiritual world has become a very complex and diverse domain. The spiritual world is immense and there exist many places where no human spirit has ever been yet. Many spaces in the spirit world are still open to be explored and inhabited.

It is through the highest love that we have for God and for fellow man that we can take part in abolishing the borders in the spirit world that separate one group from another.


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