September 27, 2009

Different views on reality make or break or lives

I give account here of one story, told in three different versions. One description is neutral, one is negative and the last one is positive. It is to remind us how our view on reality reflects more on ourselves than that it always necessarily is an adequate report. We make our own reality by our choice how we see the world. We can desire to be objective and then there is little meaning in life. We can like to be negative and then we might destroy the happiness that could have been our and others' share. Or we can choose to be positive, not fantasizing that what isn't there, but opening ourselves to what gives hope.

We can make hope or break hope.

The objective report:
A man walked a long road from A to B. He started his stroll at the foot of a large mountain, location A. He went up the mountain and was determined to reach the top, location B. On his way up, he took time each day to fill his water container in streams of fresh mountain brooks. He collected fruits and nuts while he was still lower down, as he figured that higher up the mountain there would not be food available anymore. As the mountain ravines got steeper, he had to learn new skills of climbing. One time he fell off a steep rock and sprained his ankle. After a long journey he finally reached the top.

The negative report:
A man walked a long road from A to B. He was extremely arrogant and wanted to show everyone that he could do what nobody else had done. His arrogance was so strong that he just took all that was around him as if it were his own. He stole from the water that flowed down the mountain rivers and took from the fruits of the trees without ever asking to whom they belonged. One time he fell off a rock and hurt his leg. He did not heed this warning to stop his pursuit for power and glory, but went on and finally reached the top. Now he is the number 1 celebrity of the world and I am sure he is going to misuse his position to inspire many more to climb mountains and waste the beautiful natural environment and to become just as arrogant as he is.

The positive report:
A man walked a long road from A to B. I am sure that he was inspired by God and that he saw his task as a challenge to form his good character and to discipline himself to do God's will. On his way to the top he drank of the clean and life-giving water of the mountain streams and each time he felt revived by the sacred energy in the water. He thanked God for providing him with fruits and vegetables and nuts that grew on the mountain slopes. One time he sprained his ankle and when he prayed about it he realized that it had happened because he had been tempted to give up his course. But he re-determined himself and finally reached the top. There he got the deepest revelations from God Almighty and soon he will come down to us to pass on all that he has learned.

We can choose which version of life we wish for ourselves.


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