September 26, 2009

Our spiritual level before and after death

When we go to the spiritual world, we take with us all our real accomplishments and also our failures. At the moment of physical death, we enter spirit world with what we are at that moment. Can we live a satisfying life in the spiritual world if we haven't had any experiences with spiritual life during our existence in the physical body?

There are theories that maintain that once we enter the spiritual world we suddenly change. The spiritual afterlife is viewed as a kind of reward for what we did on earth. Usually this kind of thinking is rooted in certain forms of religious teaching maintaining that all we need to do is to believe in a revered religious leader in order to acquire access to heaven.

Although we need the help of God and of central figures of faith in order for us to progress in our spiritual lives, this fact doesn't take away our own responsibility. We can get help from God and God's central figures if we open ourselves for it, but we still need to go our course of restoration and we still need to reach our individual perfection and beyond. Because individual perfection is equal to maturing in God's love and first of all has meaning for our eternal life in the spiritual world, we need to grow spiritually.

What we reached in our life on earth is what we take with us in the spiritual world. If someone had no awareness of the spiritual reality during his or her life on earth, it cannot be expected that such a person could easily have a good life in the spiritual world. We do not suddenly become different people at the moment of death. At the moment of passing, all we do is to shed off our physical bodies and we very much go on living in spirit world as we have lived our physical lives.

Of course there are transformations as soon as we enter the spiritual world. The main change is that we don't have our physical body anymore. Our spirit is kind of released from all that hangs on to the physical body and which to a certain degree could have hampered our spiritual awareness. At the same time, we are what we are. Spiritually we don't suddenly become entirely new people. We shall keep the same kinds of inclinations, weaknesses and strengths that we had in our physical lives.

For example, if someone had a strong desire for something wrong, that desire won't disappear in the spiritual world. But when the desire is physical, it cannot anymore be fulfilled because there is no physical existence anymore for that spirit. Suppose that someone craved much for getting money during his life in the physical world... If he enters spirit world in the afterlife, he will still have that kind of urge. In trying to satisfy that physical yearning, he might try to cooperate with physical people who are working to get much money. Even if such a person believed in the Messiah, he will still have to overcome that kind of physical desires and will therefore be limited in his possibilities for life in the spiritual world.

Before the fall of man, Adam and Eve lived in close relationship to the spiritual world. After the fall, they got confused. They had become more separated from God and therefore lost their guiding voice to tell them which spirits could be trusted and which ones not. One result of the fall is that the spiritual senses of man got more and more closed. Some people on earth have open spiritual senses, but they have a close relationship to evil angels and spirits. That is of course not the way that we should strive to have spiritual experiences. That would lead to a repetition of the spiritual fall.

But we are due to develop our connection to the spiritual world in a heavenly way. Each of us must restore the position of either original Adam or original Eve and we therefore also need to restore our awareness of the spiritual reality. This can only be done well when we continually develop and keep our good relationship to God the Creator. Even though we can be guided by and stand on the foundation of the ones sent by God to be our Father and Mother representing God, we still must fulfill our own course of restoration. This course has both physical and spiritual dimensions.


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