April 15, 2008

I buy you flowers every other day

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I buy you flowers every other day

For you whether here or away

My love for you to stay

In light or disarray


I see the butterflies around your head

They form a silver-lining thread

To see you is my daily bread

In vibrant life or death


Your words do sometimes give me pain

As they come in repetitive refrain

More than hurt they make plain

My love is to remain


I share my meal with you not here

A ceremonial act just to cohere

Life without you is austere

My love is so sincere


I am with you in your daily confusion

Which sometimes grows to delusion

I only make one conclusion

To end it in our fusion


I am the cosmic eagle flying high

See things with piercing eye

My vision makes you sigh

Not easy to be nigh


Who knows what’s hidden in the cloud

Whisper-sounds do now sound loud

Desire in me to enshroud

You, make me proud

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