April 15, 2008

Time to walk your talk

Speaking to myself and I hope also to you…

The world is arranged in such a way

That the good ones are not to stay

And countless hungry children are to die

Each day as their parents watch and cry

For each disease there is a cause

So do contemplate and take a pause

Sister hates sister, brother hates brother

As if not born from the same mother

The siblings each built their own clan

Got into war and one of them ran

They filled the earth and in these days

No place to hide, no escape ways

The children play, the elders talk

The grass is green, the horses walk

The sky turned dark and the water red

Many live in plenty, for others no bread

The races of the rainbow merged

Each one of us to harmony is urged

We are called to love and peace

Have to fix each broken piece

The wars began by hating one to one

In reverse way they will be overcome

The masses will be moved by few

Who learned to love, with hearts new

Warriors we need be to stand straight

That nobody runs over us in hate

Our hearts softened in compassion

Not to be tempted into discussion

You know your path then go your path

No need for doubt or complex math

The direction is clear, it is to go in front

Move forwards and be fearless to confront

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