March 8, 2008

Becoming a body of truth

The universe is built according to logical laws and principles. This is the reason why scientists can discover and describe such laws and why many physical events are predictable. Also all our technology is based on understanding cosmic principles.

Also we ourselves are created according to laws and principles. Many of these are working on a more internal and spiritual level. When we make a complex creation in the physical world, we need to have some concept or design before we can create. Sometimes such a concept or design is more internal and unconscious, sometimes detailed designs are made before the actual building process can begin. For example, architects make designs from which houses are built.

In such a design many principles are incorporated. I imagine that also the Creator had such a design in mind before everything including human beings were created.
We can imagine ourselves to be created from the Word or Logos. We are expressions of the Word or the Truth. We can see ourselves as bodies of truth, body meaning a substantial expression and also referring here to our spiritual and internal aspects such as the mind.

When we strive for self-perfection, we need to find back to the truth. When we know the truth for our internal and spiritual and physical life, we can act and live in the right way. All truth from God is grounded in God’s love.

To change ourselves in a good way, we need to know how to do it and this we know by learning truth. Truth is something that we all have in us. We can find and know truth by connecting to our deepest essence, in prayer and meditation and through our intuition.

Another way of finding truth is by reading books that people have written who discovered truth.

How can we bring such truth into us? It is not enough to have intellectual knowledge of truth. It is even very doubtable if any intellectual knowledge which is not grounded in our deepest essence has value of truth.

Truth concerning our selves is only truth when this truth is expressed in our life and is incorporated in our entire being. This can only happen when we don’t just speak or write truth but also practice truth in our entire life.

To really become new beings and expressions of truth, we need to live in truth all the time. Each thought we have, each word we say, each action we make should become an expression of truth that comes from the Creator.

This process is not something to be done just at some daily or weekly hours. It is a process that can and should go on continually, by always searching to find truth in all that we do, be it reading or praying and meditating or performing actions of love and creativity. Only in that way we can make truth to perfuse our entire being.


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