April 10, 2011

Training in the Home

The normal order of education is that we first grow up to a mature individual. It means that as an adult we know how to live life as an individual, without the need of supervision by parents and elders. In an internal sense, that maturity means that we do what is good, that we know how to follow God's will in each situation.

The next level is that mature individuals learn to live together as husband and wife getting children. The family structure is very much more demanding than life as an individual; it also is a great environment for learning to love and live together.

In that family environment it is possible to be trained in the care for all things, all things firstly meaning the living animals and plants. There are many elements to be harmonized and many factors to be taken into consideration. We live between heaven and earth, heaven meaning the environment of spirit world and earth meaning the environment in which we were born and are growing up.

The place for these levels of training is what we all know as the Home.

We tend to think of 'home' as the place where we grew up and where we live with our families. That, in practice, is our home, but the Home ideally is more than that. The Home is actually meant to be a Garden of Eden, a family living in a house and a garden where everything is under God, where people and angels live in harmony, where family members among each other have balanced relations, where the entire cosmos comes together in a focal point of attention and a center of past, present and future generations.

The Home is a mini-cosmos in the sense that we can find there all elements of life and creation. Above you are the sun, moon and stars and below you is the earth and around you are the birds, animals, trees and flowers. In the home you have access to all elements of physical creation and all beings in the spirit world. You will attract the entire spirit world to your place when you make it into a thriving and fulfilling home.

Most problems in the world are because leaders haven't passed the most fundamental training of all, the training in the Home. They learn about life at universities where professors teach from books written by scholars who also haven't completed the Home training.

The Home is the school or training environment for everyone to learn the implementation of God's Principles. It's where the Divine Principle from ideas and concepts become substantial bodies of truth.

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