May 14, 2000

Chakras explained to children

Today i want to speak to you about chakras. You must know that in these days it is very difficult for people to understand what chakras are, but in the future, when the people have a better understanding about God and about how God made everything, the people will find chakras very simple to understand. Everything which God made is never so complicated. It only looks complicated if we have not the right view on it.

Suppose that you would be a little fly which lives in the wool of a sheep. All you see, day in day out, is wool. Sometimes the wool gets a little wet from the rain, sometimes the wool is dirty, sometimes it is dry. Sometimes it is dark and sometimes it is light. But all that the little fly sees is only wool, wool, wool. The fly doesn’t understand that the light comes from the sun in the day and the darkness from the night. It doesn’t understand about the rain and surely it doesn’t understand much about the sheep. The fly never even saw the whole sheep. The fly doesn’t know that the sheep eats grass. The fly doesn’t know how the sheep looks. The fly only sees wool, wool, wool.

That is a little how people look at the human body. They don’t look enough from a little farther away. The bodies of people are so important for people. They feed the body, they let the body sleep, they put clothing over the body. Because they find the body so important, they are always busy with the needs of the body. But just like the fly, which is always going around in the wool of the sheep to look there for a little food in the wool, the people go around and only see what the physical body needs. They cannot so easily take a distance from the body and find out what God thinks about the body.

What is a body? This is a good question to think about. Do you know what is a body?

When you look at a stone, it is a dead thing but when it falls on your foot, you feel it very well. This shows that there is something in the stone that makes an impression to you. This is what we call energy.

Today it is a hot day, like it has been for over one week. Each day the sun shines very brightly and makes you feel warm, right? How do we call this getting warm? You get warm from the energy of the sun.

The sun also changes your body. When you walk in the sunlight, your skin gets colored. The body changes because the sun shines on it. This, again, is because the sun gives energy to the body.

When you eat food, your body also changes. What happens when you eat a lot of sweeties? You get very fat. And what happens when you don’t eat at all? You get very very skinny. So you see, food changes the body. And how do you feel when you didn’t eat after you worked very hard for a whole day? Then you feel very tired. We say that you have no energy. So, you see, food also gives energy to your body.

What is energy then? Energy came from God and comes from God. Energy is what makes all things exist and move. When the sun shines on us, it is nice warm. When you are hungry, the food tastes very nice. What i want to say with this is that the energy that we get is not just energy. This energy can feel very good to you. Sometimes, when someone hates you and gives you a beating, the energy you get from such a person is very terrible. But always there is something in energy that is more than energy. There is something in energy that makes you feel good. That what makes you feel good, this came from God, originally; and this is what we call love.

There is love in energy. And energy makes that everything goes and that your body is warm and that it can move. Energy makes that you can see the world around you and also that you can hear my words while i speak

Our bodies are made from energy. When you have a radio, it makes sound. The radio doesn’t just work when you don’t put energy into it. You must put energy into the radio. You have to put batteries in the radio or you have to connect it to the electrical system. In that way, energy comes into the radio.

In the same way that a radio needs something to get energy, the body also needs connections where the energy comes in. The body gets energy from the sun. So there is a place in your body that can get the energy from the sun and that place in the body sends the energy of the sun all through the body so that the whole body can use it. There also is a place in the body that can get energy out from food. That energy also is then sent through the whole body. There is a place in the body that takes energy out from the air. We all must breathe all the time. When you don’t breathe, you die. The energy from the air is very important. And of course there is a place where the energy of the air comes in.

All the places where energy comes into our body and where it is then sent through so that the whole body can use it, these places we call chakras. There are seven chakras in the body.

We often use another word for 'chakra' and that is switchwheel. The name switchwheel means: switch and wheel. A switch means something with which you put the light on or off, or the car on or off. A wheel means a place where everything goes round. When you have a bucket with water and you move a stick in the water, the water turns around like it would be a wheel. Energy that comes into your body must find its way into the body. That doesn’t go right away. Therefore that energy begins to move around like the wheel of your bicycle goes around.

The chakras in our body are the most important parts of our bodies. In the top of your head you have a chakra that makes that the love and energy of God come into you. When you pray to God, you can feel this in the top of your head. When God speaks to you, you feel it coming into you in the top of your head. That is because in the top of your head there is the crown chakra.


  1. John,

    Thank you very much!
    The time it took you to create this teaching tool is insignificant to the time it took to discover the wisdom; but even more so to the munber of people to whom you have just handed a flashlight.

    God Bless
    Mike & Reiko

  2. Thank you Mike & Reiko

    It's a delight to be able to pass on what was given to me. I find few avenues in life that are more gratifying than to discover the love and truth of God and to share this with others.

  3. Well, this was sure addressed to children.
    I am not, but having lived my life neglicting
    to study what my body is all made about, i enjoyed receiving this introduction of the chakras just like one of them. i smile the pleasure out. Thank you. Marie L.