March 6, 2009

Creative through your own production

The original situation for each person is that he or she creates something while standing in a direct object relationship to God, unhindered by any person who might want to stand in-between. In this situation, you can express God's love fully and you can entirely explore and develop your own talents. You can make something in love for somebody else and in this way you spread love and joy around you.

As ideal as this sounds, in our practical life things are a bit more complicated. We cannot just isolate us from the world around us. We need materials to make something from. We need tools that we may have to buy in a shop. We need a room that we either bought or rented from the outside world. There are countless obligations that the world puts upon us.

And still, from a spiritual viewpoint it is much better when you can make or create things, possibly as products for sale, on your own and independent from any boss or employer.

When you make things yourself, particularly when you want to sell these as products, you need to consider the following points.

  • Only make that what God is asking you. Pray to God what product you should make. Find out the meaning of the product, find out how to make it and make it with the materials that God is telling you.
  • You are making things in a certain room or production house. Make sure that this house is one that is offered to God. Your room should not be under claim of evil spirits. In your production room you should make good order and separate what is higher from what is lower. Make your production room one of prayer and meditation. Always work in prayer and meditation.
  • Always check your motivation for making things. Even when you had a good start of your production in prayer, it is easy to lose your initial good intentions. Check your motivation again and again and especially do not fall in the trap that you start making things in order to get a lot of money. You need money for your offerings to God and you need money for your own life, but money has only as much value as it can gain from your pure love and good motivation.
  • Make sure that you make good results. This is meant both internally and externally. Internal good results come when during the entire production process nothing bad intervened, neither in your own mind, nor in the space or people around you. External good results you produce when you make good-quality products. A bad-quality product will never function as a good offering, neither for the recipients or buyers nor for God.
  • Make sure that all that you make is offered to God. Some things you can offer to God by giving it to people, in case God wants you to do this. Other things you can sell and in that case you must offer all the money to God. You need to ask God how and to whom to offer this money. Often it is necessary that you split the offering. Part of the offering can be used for higher purposes, part of the offering is only useful for lower applications.
  • Have joy from what you are doing. Creative activities can be giving you a lot of happiness when you do it in the right way. Whenever you feel that you do not enjoy your work, spend time in prayer to find out what is wrong and correct it.
  • Do not fall for the trap to begin mass-producing things. It is not wrong to make more items of the same, but you should not devalue your own existence by beginning to work like a mechanical robot. Make sure that you are able to put your good love and desire into each of the things you are making.
  • Make sure that there is a surging line of positive development in all that you do. Learn to make things better. Improve your spiritual understanding of what you are doing. Make your productive work part of your Formula-Course of Restoration. You do this by offering all that you do to God. Your offerings will please God when you are growing in your process of producing things.


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