March 5, 2009

The creation of things as an employee

For this situation there are to be considered:
  • You as the producer or creator of things
  • Your relationship to God and how to offer that what you do to God
  • The employer for whom you are working and his relationship to God
  • The things that you make and the resources from which they were made
You are the maker of things. Even when you make things together with others, there is a part of the product that you made.

When you make things, you are in a creative process. Normally, we don't ever make something just like that. Birds build a nest for their young. We build a house for ourselves and our children to live in. But when you work for a larger corporation, it might be that you are producing things without really knowing for whom you are making them. While in a normal situation you want to put your love into things so it will be felt by the recipients, now you feel that it has little use to put any love and good feelings into what you are producing as you anyway never might come to see the one who eventually buys the product.

You are a creator but in case you work for an employer, especially when this is a larger corporation, your creativity might be subdued. Most people just work for money and if they make a good product, it commonly is so they won't lose their job or because they want to get higher up the career ladder.

Of course, i am not saying that it is wrong to work for an employer, but in order for you to fully develop yourself in your work, you need to find out who your employer is, what is his relationship to God, for which goal are the products made that he is selling. In many cases the employer is out for financial profit. When you are working for such an employer, you are selling that what is higher, your creativity and love, for something that is lower, money. That, in business terms, is not at all a good deal.

You have your relationship to God. When you do something, when you make something, you want to connect that what you do to God. We call this aspect of life 'offering.' Can you offer yourself and what you make and do to God in case that you work for an employer?

This depends very much on who the employer is and also on your own motivation. It could be that you are forced to work for an employer, for example in the case that you are put in a labor camp. In that case it wasn't your own choice to work for this employer. You may choose to do your work well and in your creativity and love for God you bring good love and energy into the things you are making. By doing your work in this manner, you can elevate yourself and God will be able to accept your offerings and use them to improve the situation of the world.

But what when you made your own choice to work for a selfish employer? In that case it is very difficult to offer that what you make to God. You could still try to pray while you work, but if you had prayed before you chose to work for the selfish employer, you might have realized that you should not serve him. You could try to offer to God the money that you earn. Yet this money has very little value. It is money that you earned by selling yourself and you sacrificed your internal and spiritual development for doing this kind of work. The money you earn comes out of the hands of someone who doesn't care about God. That means that he actually stands in the position of having stolen God's creation. You receive from him a part of that what he stole. You can try to offer this money to God, but because your employer is living against God, he won't like it when you do this. He did not give you money so you bring it to God; he gave you money so he will continue to make profit from you.

He actually wants more for himself and less for God. Therefore, when you offer money to God that you earned from an employer who is not centered on God, you also need to make conditions to separate from that employer. This could be the case when you decided to give up working for that employer. This is the situation that the Israelites left Egypt. They had worked long for the pharaoh and when they left Egypt they took with them riches they had gained in Egypt. Because these Israelites had won a battle against the pharaoh, because they had decided to not longer work under his evil dominion, therefore their offerings became acceptable to God.

But also these offerings could not be used for higher purposes. The pharaoh had not given them these riches so they would offer it to the God he hated. Because these things came out of the hands of the pharaoh and his people, they were filled with bad energies of hatred against God and of arrogance of those who build their own reign centered on idol gods. It is therefore necessary that when you make such an offering of what you gained from working for a pharaoh that you fulfill two conditions:

  1. That you are in a process of leaving behind to be controlled by the pharaoh or employer who enslaved you.
  2. That you do enough to separate the offering from the evil claim of the pharaoh or employer. You must make sure that when God's world uses this offering, no tragedies happen because evil spirits claim that offering.
You are supposed to offer all that you do and that you make and that you earn to God. You got your life from God, you got all things from God. God gave it to you in love so you will do well with it. In case you are more or less separated from God, it is your task to come back to God. You must bring back to God your heart, your mind, your body and all that belongs to you. We are speaking here about you making things of creation. You do this with your body and you are thinking and loving or hating while you do your work. So in fact, your making things is a process that involves your entire being. Your making or producing things can be an activity through which you can offer yourself to God entirely, but God cannot accept that what is against God.

Therefore it is essential that you judge what kind of person your employer is. Is he somebody truly wanting to find God, is he an example to you for your course of restoration, or is he somebody who is unaware of God and of spiritual life? You cannot see your work for an employer as unrelated to who and what your employer is. In most cases, employers in the world want to gather money and power for themselves. They are not setting up a company as a religious condition of offering themselves to God. They take from the earth what God has given to us, but for egoistic use separated from God. God gave us the things in order to enjoy God's love and to spread God's love. We are creative beings and when we do this in God's love, united with God, then we can learn to be like God, giving and loving and always wanting to develop in order to be able to give more to others.

When your employer doesn't know God, he or she got the things he possesses not from God, but from a lineage of ancestors or predecessors who once went against God or left God and who then took dominion over all things in the cosmos.

In some very rare cases your employer might be somebody who is open for change. He might want to find God and in that case you should try to help him come closer to God. For example, Jacob worked for his father-in-law Laban for 20 years. Laban wasn't someone centered on God. He prayed to evil idol gods. Jacob worked a long time for Laban and finally decided to leave Laban. In that situation, it would have been preferable if Laban had followed Jacob and had come to love the God of Jacob.

Still, don't think that you should go working for an employer just in order to bring him to God. In most cases that is not easily possible and why would you work for somebody who doesn't know God and who doesn't desire for God when you could also meet other people who are open to hear about God?

When you make things, there is a lot to be considered. For example, from where did the resources come that are being used? You may work in a factory or an office. To whom belong these things? Long ago, angels and people and other spiritual beings went against God. They built their own world and took all the things that God had given them for themselves. They used these things for themselves and against God-loving people. They tried to control the world, they built empires, they dominate you through states that have nothing to do with God but that spiritually are controlled by evil angels.

How about your relationship to the things that you are using, transforming or making? Are these things being used to bring about a world under God's love or are these things stolen from God and misused to build a world of power and might against God? You need to ask yourself such questions and make the right decision for your own life.

All things need to come back to God. It means that all things must be filled again with God's love and wholesome energies. It is our task to bring back to God ourselves and all things. In case you acquire things, for example money as a salary by working for an employer who doesn't love God, your task is to bring these things back under God's dominion. Realize that in God's eyes that money is stolen property. Even you worked for it, but you actually worked for a thief. A thief paid you with stolen property and you cooperated and even helped that thief to become still richer. It means that in God's eyes you have no rightful claim on that money. In the eyes of the world, that money may belong to you. In God's eyes, it is something that needs to be given back to the rightful owner, that is God. Only after this, when God gives it again to you, you can come to be the legitimate owner of that property.


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