May 5, 2008

Praying in faith and concentration

When you pray, concentrate. Concentrate on God the Creator.

You can only concentrate on God when you believe that God exists. Believe that God can hear your prayer and can answer in one way or another.

When you pray in faith, your prayer will be answered.

When you pray without faith, for example when you do it out of habit or don’t really believe in God’s reality, then your prayers will be futile.

God lives in each of us, but we don’t address ourselves to God in ourselves. God lives in us, this means that God’s love and energy can be in us. It doesn’t mean that the postal address of God is within us.

In each of us is a gate to God and through that gate we can speak to God. We can do this in a very natural way, like a child would speak to the parent, or maybe, when you feel more like that, like a servant speaks to the lord.

There is a kind of prayer that doesn’t lead you to God. That kind of prayer is based on the assumption that God is only some kind of consciousness that is everywhere in the cosmos. It is true that God’s spirit dwells in the cosmos and that this is a kind of consciousness, but I perceive this aspect of God as an expression of God in the cosmos. God also is a personality with a certain character, a character of giving love. I cannot prove this because God’s existence cannot be proven. I speak from my own experience.

When you just open yourself for ‘God’ in the cosmos, then you may also open yourself for what is not God. You may get all kind of ideas that don’t come from God.

To pray to God means a concentrated effort to focus on God as a being with heart and also as a being who can answer your prayers. The movement is one of focusing, of narrowing down your attention to God. Once you feel to have more contact to God, your mind will become wide and encompassing.

When you open yourself for what you think is God just anywhere around in the cosmos, you are not focusing but making an effort in an opposite direction. After this your mind will narrow down, it will be influenced by whatever you picked up and this will then control your views on life.

It is by faith alone that we can pray and receive answers. The more faith you have in God’s existence, the more answers you will get.

All truth comes from God and we have only access to truth when we first received it from God. How would we be able to judge what is true and what is not true if there were not a standard of truth in us? The standard of truth in us comes from our direct relationship to God. When we pray much to God, we get more and more sensitive to what is true and what is not true. We can better sense the intentions behind what people say or write.

We cannot simply trust what anybody tells or teaches us. The standard for knowing is in us and it is in our close relationship with God. There is no other standard for truth.

Everyone who searches deeply within the self will find there the reality of God. We are souls created by God and whatever we may have done or believed in life, our souls still belong to God. Through the deepest of our being we are connected to God. God is in other beings too, but we cannot speak directly to God in that way.

The gate to God is in the deepest of us. This is why we need to get to know our own self, as deeply as possible. When you really know your own self, you cannot but also come to know God, because you will find the proof of the Creator’s existence within you.


  1. I like the notion of "a movement in focusing, narrowing down your attention to god". I don't know hos it does, but it speaks to me, and gives me confidence to go for it, to believe that it is possible, one, I, is in measure to find back our way to our Creator, to God. I find it difficult though to have no sign-board inside as to know that I am on the right direction, the right track.

  2. The perception may be that we don't have an inner agent guiding us the right way, but in fact we have. It has been referred to with different names such as our soul, conscience, original mind. We are guided correctly by it but we must learn to trust our good intuition more than our learned and inherited feelings. When we concentrate on that original guidance inside of us, our prayers will become more fulfilling.