May 8, 2008

And when you get answer from God…

Prayer to God is to open yourself to God and for all that comes from God.

Prayer is to put yourself in connection to the Creator and to put yourself in the right position in relation to God. The position we take is that of the created one, the one loved by God, the one who is willing to do God’s will.

When you pray, you should forget all your knowledge, all that you ever learned. When God speaks to you, what is the value of what you know in relation to God who knows all?

To pray is to want to give up all preconceived ideas, because God will renew your mind, clear it up and bring light in the darkest corners of your being.

Imagine this: God is the greatest being of the universe. Compared to God, the mightiest kings and the most noble saints and the smartest scientists are all little children. You can meet God! How wonderful and great this is. When we realize the meaning of prayer, the significance of meeting God, it can make us filled with marvel and awe, with deepest desire of love, with stillness and gratitude.

God created this universe and knows all the principles. God knows every single person and knows all that you ever experienced. God knows your destination and future and will tell you what to do in life. God will also help you with what may seem for you the smallest questions and problems, simple things like what you should eat today and how you should fill your day or where and if you should go on vacation, whom you should meet or not meet. God will tell it all if you only bother to ask and are prepared to listen.

God wants to be very close to you because God loves you more than you could ever love yourself and God wants to be with you and experience life through you, feel your joy and your sadness, share in your excitement and hope.

When you have been still and waiting for God’s answer and then you receive answer, in some way or another, in the form of a conviction coming up in you, a strong feeling for what you have to do, or you hear God’s voice in yourself, not outside from yourself, but always in you, then there is only one thing to do…

Then you received Truth, you got sure guidance. It compares to nothing else what you may have thought. All what you knew may at best be truth, but what God tells you is TRUTH. This is the absolute and clear guidance you need. This will set your life on the right course, whatever it means.

God will never ask you something that you cannot handle. So when you receive God’s direction and you feel difficult about it, know for certain that God never asks you more than you could manage. Sometimes what God tells us feels like impossible to do or to understand, but know that God will be there with you on your way, if only you keep your connection to God. God will help you through all difficulties and this is how you will grow, more quickly than you could imagine.

Do not add God’s answers to the knowledge or thoughts you already had. This is not the right place for God’s guidance. God’s answers hover over everything else in you. Don’t think about what God told you, but pray about it, that is: try to understand what God means, don’t try to give it your own interpretation.

Many people are afraid, usually unconsciously, for what God may tell them. Then they pray but at the same time they close their heart and mind. They pray for hours and days and even years in that way. They will never get answer because they are afraid for what they are going to hear. This means that they don’t trust God enough. They have feelings that God will punish them or will misuse them. God is not like that. God always wants what is the best for you and everyone around you. What God asks you is the best, even though with your human concepts you may not understand so deeply.

What God tells us is not just for the moment. It is for your best future. God’s directions may seem difficult in your present situation, but when you follow them you will see that it all will work out best. God wants you to grow in love and for this we need many life experiences. We need to go our path with God always. People around you usually will not understand. They may think you have gotten crazy to go the course you do.

When you receive God’s guidance, write it down or at least keep it alive in your mind. Do not forget it and don’t mix it with your own thoughts. Do not give it your own interpretation but pray to understand more deeply what God told you. You can ask God again and again what it meant what God told you as long as you did not cover God’s answers with your own concepts. What God tells you is LOVE. What God tells you is TRUTH.


  1. Could you share how you came to recognize
    God speaking to you, guiding you ?.
    your first recognition of God speaking to you ?

  2. In my youth God's presence was self-evident. Later, after I mingled with modern society, I lost the awareness of God. But I kept searching for meaning in life before and after death. It was God who again made His presence known in an experience that left me no other choice than to accept God's being. It was an experience that introduced me into the deepest realization of what life is.

    After that it took several years of hours-long effort in prayer to come to feel God's presence and hear God's voice again. It was as if God had made Himself known but now expected me to make the effort.

    The recognition of God is not an issue as long as one seriously desires to meet the true God and one is willing to submit one's entire life to the Creator. We ARE children of God and have in us the ability to know God.

  3. "it was as if God had made Himself known but now expected me to make the effort". Great lesson, because I must recognize that God had made Himself, not known may-be, but convinced of being there to me, but my great ignorance about the one you call Creator left me blind to even question : ok, there is something up there, what do I do from now on ?. Hours-long efforts mean :
    real, substantial investment I understand now.
    It should help me, and hope you'll be there with tips when I may be impatient in the midst of that hours-long effort, John.