December 23, 2006

A child was born to bring rebirth to the cosmos

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More than 2,000 years ago a child was born. The child was born under good stars and all cosmic beings knew the importance of that child. That child was born to change the world. While all those desiring for goodness and love and peace were hopeful, all those who desired to build a world for themselves were also prepared but their desire was to stop the child.

The birth of the child was not just the birth of one child. The birth of that child was supposed to be the birth of a new world, the rebirth of all people and all beings in the universe. The birth of that child was supposed to be the birth of a new universe. No miracle that angels sang and all good spirits rejoiced over that day.

Where good forces work or intend to work, there evil forces always try to stop them. Situations had become troubled before the birth of the child and when the day was there, nothing or almost nothing was prepared. The child was born like animals were born, in a stable, in the cold, deserted by almost all but some angels in spirit world and a very few wise and innocent ones in the physical world. The evil forces had prepared to kill the child so the caretakers of the child had to flee, to protect the child against premature death.

Where God had planned a new birth for the cosmos, there all those who had taken the cosmos out from God's loving hands had prepared to keep the universe as it always had been, filled with war, disease, hatred and despair. Many had been prepared to receive the child, to help the child to bring change to the world. But those who had been prepared thought of their own dreams and not of the desires of God. Simpler people, people who still perceived the world from their hearts could recognize God's work, but those simple people were hardly equipped to change society.

Eventually the forces of opposition joined and nailed God's hope on a cross of destruction. Because the spirit is stronger than the flesh and love makes victory over hatred, the cross was not the end. The cross was the beginning of a new birth, a new birth into the spiritual this time, but not anymore a new birth of the physical. Who was shedding tears over that event? Who was shedding tears when Adam fell out from Eden's Garden? Who shed tears when chosen prophets were rejected and sacred kings were seduced? It always was the Creator of love and hope and the Giver of life whose tears filled the cosmos for those who want to sense. Many tears were shed over the cross, but life goes on and hope remains for a new cosmic birth.

Why are we waiting still? Why is the world still full of pain and disease and hatred and despair? What can we do on that day of hope, that day of new birth of the cosmos? What hope can we bring to the world so we can stop flowing the tears of the Creator?

Where does rebirth of the cosmos begin else than in the heart of you and me? My birth into a new life, your birth into a new life, that is what will change the cosmos and will bring hope in despair, joy in tragedy, peace in war, repair in destruction, new life in a world of death.

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