November 20, 2006

The omnipresence of God

For those who believe in God the question of what God is and where God is has been discussed over and over again. One problem has always been about the omnipresence of God. Some people picture God as an old father who stands high above us and pulls the strings of the universe as if all created beings and things were puppets. Another view on God is as a universal consciousness that permeates all and everything. According to this latter view God is spirit, or energy, or light, and usually has not an individual personality.

Which God is the real God? Is God nothing else than something that is present in all of us, or is God a character on far distance of whom we better are afraid?

But why could God not be something of both? Some people revere the Sun as if the sun were God. But the sun is only one star out of many billions of other stars. However important the sun may be for all of us, i cannot imagine God as our sun. Still, comparing God with the sun can tell us something.

We experience the sun as bringing us light and fire. The sun provides much of the energy we need for life on earth. But what if you would come too close to the sun? When you come near the sun it is not anymore a life supporting star, but it will burn you into oblivion. But we feel the sun, we experience the sun in many ways. We drive our cars on gasoline that stored energy which trees and plants captured from the sunlight a long time ago. Without the sun there would not be life on earth because the Earth would be covered with darkness and everything would be frozen in a deep frost. All our food comes from sun energy that plants have transformed into organic matter.

In that sense, we could say that the light and warmth, the energies of the sun are in us everywhere. All our cells can only exist because of that energy. Our daily life is only possible because we receive this energy. We could almost say that we are the sun because the energies of the sun have made us largely to what we are.

So, the sun is everywhere, at least for us living on the planet Earth. For planets in other galaxies our sun has not the same significance. Such planets have their own suns. So the meaning of our sun is not universal, but for us, the energy of the sun is in us and around us and makes us to what we are.

The sun is not only a source of neutral energy. In the energy of the sun is also something spiritual, something that we can perceive as love. Did you notice that on some days the sun seems to give us extra vitality and love? For some people the sun is just there and they almost don't notice it, but when you make effort and increase your sensitivity, you can feel that the sun is not the same each day. On special days the sun gives us very much extra joy and vitality. It is the love of the sun that comes to us. The sun is a loving entity. I find it not so strange that many civilizations have prayed to the sun. But i don't believe that the sun is God, the creator of the universe.

In the same way the Sun exists both as an independent entity and as love and light and energy in all of us and all of life on earth and in all things on earth, so God exists both as God the Creator and as God with whom we can relate and as God that is in us in all possible ways.

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