June 9, 2006

Noise from the physical world

In my former article about spiritual experiences i gave one major reason why it is difficult for us to become aware of the spiritual reality. Our spiritual senses need sharpening and development. Without that being done, the spiritual reality may appear to be fantastic or non-existent.

There is another reason why it is difficult to experience spiritual phenomena even for those who have practiced their spiritual senses. The spiritual self dwells in the physical self. The spiritual senses are closely linked to the physical senses. I will explain this for the spiritual eyes, but the same explanation would more or less apply to all spiritual senses.

I'm going to speak mainly about the two spiritual eyes that are in or connected to the physical eyes. There is a third spiritual eye above the nose. This third eye is spiritual and not so directly linked to the two physical eyes. In our two physical eyes are two spiritual eyes. They are equipped to see forms and appearances in the spiritual world. The third eye is more to see energies.

A spirit has a spirit body with a certain shape and color, like also the physical body has shape and color. Your spiritual eyes could see that. The physical eyes cannot see spirits just like spiritual eyes don't see the physical reality. With spiritual eyes one can only see energies that are connected to the physical, but spirits don't actually see the physical reality itself.

When you as as spirit are in a physical body, it is very difficult to ignore the physical reality. The physical reality with all its images is perceived by the physical body. The physical reality gives a strong impression to your physical senses. Your desires, your thoughts and feelings respond to that as well. All these physical sensations push the spiritual experiences to the background.

Maybe an example will elucidate this. Suppose that someone shines with a flashlight. When it is dark you can see that light from a far distance. But as soon as the sun comes up its light overpowers that of the flashlight. In daylight you can only see the flashlight when you are nearby. The flashlight is like the spiritual world. It is there but it usually is pushed to the background by the strong power of the physical reality.

Some shamans who want to relate to the spiritual world bring themselves into a trance. Such a trance could mean that the physical body is brought under a kind of hypnosis. The body is not asleep, but also not entirely awake. The spirit of the shaman comes kind of loose from the physical body. Not all types of trance are the same, but always the spirit of the shaman becomes more detached from the physical body.

When you are in the middle of images and noise of the physical world, it is more difficult to experience the spiritual world. It is much easier when you are quietly meditating. Some people get spiritual experiences when they are in a state of mind between being asleep and awake. Some people use drugs to sharpen their spiritual senses.

It can also help when you tell your physical eyes to not consciously see anything. Though they are open, they don't send messages to your brain. You enhance your spiritual awareness and your spiritual eyes can see better and more.

Some environments are spiritually very dark and confusing. At such places it is much more difficult to sense the spiritual world. You may experience spiritual phenomena, but it is more difficult to recognize what you see. In a following article i shall tell a little more about the influence of the spiritual world on our spiritual perceptions.

This article is part of a series of four:
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  3. Autonomous spirit world
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