June 11, 2006

Autonomous spirit world

In a few articles we are trying to find out some reasons why it is so difficult for people in the physical world to relate to the spiritual world. The first reason mentioned is that the spiritual senses of each person need to develop through experience. A second reason is that the physical world and the physical senses give a lot of noise putting the weaker spiritual stimuli to the background. Here i want to describe a third reason why it is often very difficult to relate to spirit world.

The spiritual world surely is not a dream world that only exists in our imagination. Of course, each person has a different view on spirit world. One person is not the other and the spiritual world surrounding you is very different from the spiritual world in my proximity. Also the ability to perceive the spiritual world differs from person to person and from time to time. That we experience spiritual world in so many diverse ways doesn't mean that the spiritual world itself would be just fantasy or the result of your own imagination. Your view on spirit world does determine for a large degree your perception of it, but the spiritual world also is an autonomous world, just like the physical world.

This means that what you experience from spirit world depends very much on what spirits of people and other spiritual beings want you to experience. For example, when you are in a house where many people have seen ghosts, it doesn't automatically mean that you are going to experience them. When you are in one room of the house and all spirits are in another room, you could not see them appearing.

Even when a spirit is near you and your spiritual senses are open, you are not going to see that spirit just like that. First, you must make effort to experience anything. Second, if a spirit doesn't want you to see him or her, it's almost impossible to observe that spiritual being.

People who lived a very physical life on earth have a very limited existence in spirit world. Such people did not develop their spiritual self and even though they exist spiritually, their spirit does almost not show. Your spiritual development on earth in your physical body makes your spirit grow and become stronger. Such a spirit can do more things in spirit world and does also appear much brighter and stronger than the spirit of a person who wasn't very much aware of the spiritual reality during his or her life on earth.

Another factor is whether a spirit makes effort to contact you. Suppose someone in the physical world taps you on your shoulder. If the tap is soft, it might go unnoticed. When a spirit makes much effort to communicate with you, his or her spirit shines more strongly and it is much easier for you to experience the spirit.

Often spirits try to make their presence known to someone on earth, but the person on earth doesn't realize it. Suppose your grandfather went to spirit world and comes to you to help you. When you are not aware of him being there even though he tried many times to make his presence known to you, the poor man may get very frustrated and not try it anymore. Many people in spirit world are actually rather upset because they had many of such disappointing experiences.

In a following article i shall write about the main force that makes contact possible between the spiritual world and the physical world.

This article is part of a series of four:
  1. One of the reasons for being unfamiliar with the spiritual reality
  2. Noise from the physical world
  3. Autonomous spirit world
  4. The main force that unites the spiritual and physical worlds


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