May 26, 2006

Mind - spirit - brain*?!"!?

This is going to be about confusion of terms and an effort to clear up. It's an old philosophical discussion of course, what these concepts mean. It's kind of hard to know what spirit is if you try to approach the topic from the viewpoint of a physical onlooker. I've spent some 30 years trying to figure out these things and hope that the result may be useful. I'm going to present these as facts, but you could consider it a theory or hypothesis, if you like.

The physical world is built up in three dimensions. We could add a fourth one, time. In the realm of the smallest entities, there appear to be still more dimensions, but that's not the world of our daily life. We live in three physical dimensions in a frame of time.

The three dimensions are actually more external dimensions, determining the world of creation in that we live. I make a difference between the words 'external' and 'physical' here. It will get more clear what is meant. The three dimensions are also in the spiritual realm, also there we have space and added to that time. The three dimensions of space are therefore not only physical, they are also spiritual.

In both the spiritual world and the physical world, there are the three dimensions of space and the element of time. These external dimensions show us something about how the universe is built. In space, we extend in three directions, the three dimensions, as they are: the horizontal dimension with a horizontal axis, the vertical dimension with a vertical axis, and the depth dimension with a depth axis. Then there is still the time dimension with the axis of time.

This external partition shows us the way for how the world is built on an internal level. Here also we have the three dimensions, extensions of ourselves also, in space, and the fourth dimension of time.

The first dimension is the vertical one. On the axis in this dimension are placed: the Creator - the heart of all creation - the mind - the body - the things. It applies to each of us, but also to all animals, plants and things. The structure is always the same. My mind is in my body. My body lives in a world of things and is even built out of things. The core of my mind is my heart of love, which is connected to the source, the Creator. God lives in my heart. My heart of love steers my mind of thoughts, feelings and plans. My mind operates in my body that lives in a world of created living beings and things.

The first dimension could also be called the religious dimension. Man stands in a relation to the Creator and to the created things. Religion means to have a good relation to the source, and it means to have a good relation to all things (the Earth).

The vertical dimension is ruled by love. Love is the energy that determines your relation to the Creator and to all other beings and things.

We come to the second dimension, which could be called the depth dimension (the directions of the dimensions are rather interchangeable, depending on the viewpoint you take as observer). This is the dimension of spiritual - physical. The driving element of this dimension is energy. Energy is also what binds the spiritual and the physical. The spiritual world is an expression of finer energies. The physical world is an expression of rougher energies.

The dimension of spirit-physic is also the one of creativity. It is by being creative that you expand your foundation in the physical world. Likewise, it is by learning how to be creative in the spiritual realm that your spiritual life will evolve.

The third dimension, the horizontal one, is that of positivity and negativity. All things are built as expressions or constitutions from positivity and negativity, for example, the charges in protons and electrons on the level of atoms. On the level of living beings, this dimension refers to masculinity and femininity. The driving element of this dimension is harmony. By harmonizing masculinity and femininity there comes about the most wonderful world of peace and happiness.

This is just a very comprehensive first introduction to the topic. It would need hundreds of pages to explain it better. For now, i want to return to the terms 'mind,' 'spirit' and 'brain.''

Brain: this is rather easy. It is a part of the physical body. Your mind expresses through the brain, but not only through the brain. The brain is like the chip in a computer. It is hardware, not software. The mind is the software. 'Brain' is a concept on the dimension spirit - physic. The brain is physical. Just like the chip in a computer, it consists out of myriad of connections.

Spirit: this is a concept on the same dimension. The spirit of man is the eternal element of your being. Your spirit exists in all the aspects that were mentioned for the vertical axis. You have a spiritual body that lives in a world of spiritual creations. In your spiritual body lives the spirit mind that is steered by the spirit heart of love centered on the Creator.

Your spirit means your whole spirit being. Brain is just one organ of the physical being.

Mind: this word comes from the first dimension, the vertical one. The mind is the seat of plans, thoughts and feelings. The mind expresses through the physical body, but more fundamentally, it expresses through the spirit as well. That means, like you have a spiritual body you have a physical body; and like you have a physical mind, you have a spiritual mind.

The physical mind can be compared to the instinct of animals. It is centered on survival of the physical body. The spiritual mind is centered on the future of the spiritual life.

The mind is the software in the computer. The computer is the physical body, with ears (microphone), limbs (robot), eyes (camera), brain (microchip). The spirit is the expression of physically invisible energies. The spirit is your vehicle for eternal life in the spiritual world. A physical computer usually does not have an independent spiritual life, but it has certain energies in it that are spiritually visible or sensible.

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