May 27, 2006

The ideal of the home - a minicosm

Right in the middle of all of us there is a potential ideal that once realized could change the world. The ideal world is not far away, is not contained in teachings of religions or ideologies of organizations -- it's right there and probably you are already living in it right now.

What is this wonderful paradise? Where could it be found? It is the ideal of the home. To understand this in the right way -- i don't mean anyone's home but i mean the ideal of a home that should be considered a minicosm.

How could the home become the central element of an ideal world? It is when we understand what is hidden in the concept of the home and it will become a reality when we know how to make our homes to ideal homes.

First, a definition of the home. A home is a minicosm because in your home you can find all elements of the macrocosm right at your fingertips. In a home, there are people, not just people, but the prototype of the smallest gathering of people in which all relations between people can be trained. In a home, there also are all elements of creation. There is a garden, a house, animals, plants, trees, all things, water, the air, the Earth, the stars, the Sun. In a home, there is your gate to the huge spiritual world. And once you make of your home the best possible place, you will pull down God's love and the Creator will live in your midst.

Most homes of today don't contain all elements i just listed. An apartment in a high-story building in a world city could hardly be called a home. A home needs a family with grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren and friends of that family. In that family, each of the members can practice to give love to all others.

You can practice to give love to the eldest and to the youngest, to brothers and to sisters, to parents and to children, to wife and to husband, to friends and to the Creator. Here you have your practice ground to learn to love in all possible ways.

Then you have your house. Don't let your house be built by a professional with a lot of skill but little heart for you and your family! Build the house yourself, fitting the needs of all members of the family. Keep building and rebuilding it each time when a new baby is born or new fascinating tasks have come into your life. Grow your own vegetables, make your own flower garden, cook your own food, learn to do all these things and most of all, learn to do it the best way, with good love and putting the best energies into everything.

Learn to relate to your animals, train them, make them happy. Attract good spirits to your house of harmony, learn to relate to them, after all, many of them probably are your own ancestors. Learn to live in union of love with your grand grandmother and so forth.

Get knowledge about the influence of the sun and the moon and the stars on the growth of your garden, the strength of the medicines you harvest yourself, the daily course of events of your whole group.

You yourself are the center of all this, as each of your companions is as well. So you have to learn to master yourself, you must harmonize to fit into the needs of all others.

All you need to practice your love, to improve your skills, to increase your knowledge, to heighten your spirit, it's all there in that wonderful concept of the misunderstood home.


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