July 1, 2002


Do you know God? God is our Father. God is your Father. God loves you. God loves me. God loves everyone who is good.

God lives in Heaven. Where God lives, there is Heaven. Heaven is to give love. God always gives love. God’s love, that makes heaven. In God’s love, you feel good.

You are God’s child. You are God’s son, or you are God’s daughter. A child is like the father, and also like the mother. We call God – our Father. But God is also our Mother. I am God’s child. You are God’s child. I am like God. You are like God. God gives always love. I give always love. You give always love – That is to be like God. That means: to be God’s child.

God loves you. God loves your brother. God loves your sister. When you love God, you also love your brother, you also love your sister. You are all children of the same God, the same Father.

God is always with you. You are never alone. You can always speak with God. You can hear God’s voice in your heart. God always loves you. God always helps you. When you feel alone, you must tell it to God. Then you are not anymore alone, because God is with you. God is your Father, and God loves you.

God made all beautiful things for you. God made for you the sun. God gave to you your parents. God gave a home to you. God made the trees for you. God makes the birds sing a beautiful song for you.

God also smiles to you, when your brother or sister smiles to you. Each smile of love, that is God’s smile. God made the animals for you. God made the food for you. God gave the angels to take care for you.

God is not always happy. Sometimes God must cry, when people do bad things. Then, when you talk with God, you also feel to cry. God does not like it to see people suffer. God does not want it when you feel pain. Then God cries tears for you. Then you must help God, to make it good again.

Sometimes God is angry. When people do evil. When people hate each other. Then God shows his power. God is very strong. God is a God of power. This you can see in the thunder and the lightning.

Evil people should better be afraid for our Father.

God does everything out of love – love for you, love for your brothers and sisters. God wants only the best for you. We must give all our love to God, because God is good.

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