October 25, 2009

Breathing truth like the fragrance of a flower

We can rely on the truth to lead us to our safe destination. The truth is like the fragrance of a flower. We know that the flower is beautiful when we smell its perfume. Our nose tells us that a flower is graceful and our eyes confirm that realization.

The fragrance of a flower is like the truth of God and the visible flower shows us the love of God expressed in beauty.

Sometimes we are so busy with the occupations of our daily lives that while we speed to our work we don't notice the sweet smell and the beauty of all that is around us. We may miss to see the shining eyes of a child and we may not detect the colors of the dawning of this day's sun. The truth and beauty and love of God are all around us. It is given to us as a free present. We do not need to wait for God's love to come to us. It is already there and all we need to do is to embrace it.

How is it that our senses often become so closed that we miss the greatest gifts around us? There are these disturbing influences everywhere. There is pollution in the world of creation and there is pollution in the world of our hearts and minds. Something has come into our world that we don't like and yet we are destined to live with it and bound to overcome it.

We call it Satan or the work of the devil. We give it a name and then go on with our perceived daily duties.
The truth is given to us on a foundation of our own effort. The truth doesn't just come to us cheap. The truth has a price. That price is first of all that we make a condition to liberate us from what's wrong. It's called separation from Satan or separation from evil. We cannot make a Foundation of Faith without making a separation from what's not of God.

We can study the truth but that could be like a scientist studies the properties of a plant. He may be able to write books about it but at the same time may have missed the experience of the love that God expresses through the flowers. When we only study the truth we can become like those scientists that even though they study God's creation do not really believe in God.

The truth may be learned through study but we cannot experience its beauty and be uplifted by its fragrance unless we live the truth. To live the truth is, in technical terms, called the Foundation of Faith. We make our Foundation of Faith all the time, by each act that we do, by each task we fulfill, as long as we're doing what God is asking us.

In order for us to know what God is asking us, we need to push aside all that attracted us and that now controls us that didn't come from God. We need to see the pure reality through what we may perceive as reality but which is nothing else than the empty entertaining in our worldly daily lives.

And when we liberated ourselves from all the distractions and we simply live the way we have to live, then there are these moments, sudden and unexpected, in which we are intoxicated by the beauty and the fragrance of those beautiful flowers of truth that God has given us.


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