September 6, 1994

The prayer of daily relation to God

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Thank You, my God, for the rest of the night

Thank You, My Father, for the life that I got

The sun shines, it is a beautiful day

You gave it to me, time to rise up

What, my Father in Heaven, my Parents in my heart

Shall I do today, what is it that You planned?

Answer my prayer, I beg, that I may know Your will

Then I jump into this day, to fulfill what You will.


My Father, the day is already bringing fruits

How do You think, I am doing Your wish?

Is it alright with me? Do I please You?

Was my morning's doings to Your liking?

How do You feel, my Father, over this day?

Are You pleased, and happy today?

Or are You sad, or angry? Can I help You, I ask

With Your problems? Can I do something special?

What is Your will for the rest of this day?

What are Your thoughts about what keeps me busy?

I thank You, Father, for this day of creation.


Almost the day is over, still the sun is shining

Look, my Father, how beautiful!!

You can be proud of what You created

What You give to all men equal, evil or good

Hear the birds singing still, and preparing for night

Wonderful You created them, to our all's delight

How was my day, growing in Your love?

Are You happy, or did I miss a point?

Came there sin in me? ...Show me how...

Now I can still correct it, and get me okay

What is Your will, for this evening today?


The day has passed, the moon now shines

The stars in the sky, wide and open, twinkle

I look at Your vastness, everywhere are You

The people don't know, how great You are

My life is in Your hands, Your will my only guide

Make my mind open for what I did wrong today

Now, at the end of the day, please cleanse my heart

Give me dreams, about my future

Speak to me, and tell me your guidance

I need You my Parents, and You need me

You give me Your love, and I try to return it

I am Your child, and in Your arms covered

Please, make me wise and faithful

As Your child should be

With clean heart and mind and body

I lay me to rest, when You tell me

And after my rest, I start a new life

A new day, given by You, my Father.

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