June 1, 1984

Oh my dear Father (inspired by Jesus)

Oh, my dear Father, how Your heart is wounded,
Wounded because of the suffering of Your son,
Father, i didn't want to hurt you,
Father, i only wanted to serve You.
Oh, my dear Father, how Your eyes are troubled,
seeing the situations surrounding Your son,
Father, i only wanted to love You,
never i wanted to hurt You.
Oh, my dear Father, how Your feet are tired,
seeing the long, long path Your Son is walking,
Father, i only wanted to take the short road,
never i wanted to let You wait that long.
Now, my dear Father, i cannot help but crying,
the tears that are flowing from Your eyes,
my dear Father, i just cannot stop,
the rivers of pain and sadness through my eyes.
Oh, my dear Father, my poem is so simple,
the words i use are nothing special,
this is how You created me, pure and simple,
and the people did not receive me.
Oh, my dear Father, i am Your proud son,
going a course of thousands of years,
with just one desire, just one desire,
that is to let You stop crying.
Oh, my Father, cry no more,
Oh, my Father, suffer no more,
Oh, my Father, share with me the love
that, oh my Father, now blossoms in me,
like a sunflower, gold and round,
its eyes pointing to the sun,
so is my love,
so is my heart,
looking at You, my Father,
and never, never, never,
can i go without You, my dear,
my dear, my dear Father.


1 comment:

  1. How clear to be when claiming one's faith.
    Listening to Jesus, He directs us toward God,
    the ultimate quest, our ultimate longing state of mind. Already 2000 years ago, we the humans were so blessed as to be shown one's concern for God, like our concern originally was. How strange it is to be touched by what is common sense. It's never easy being faced within
    me, but done like that, I can only say thank you.
    Marie L.